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Should I/we do continue on this label offer? Does this proposal come at a good time in my career? Who and what people do I need? What do you think about our strategy? Can you give us feedback about our online behavior? Whether you need a one-time conversation or a structural consult. This is the way to ask us all your questions and talk about problems. We give advice on all facets of the music industry; deals, marketing, touring / booking, publishing, production, legal etc. The alternative of an artist management contract/collaboration. Consults are both online and physical.
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  • 1 Hour
  • 39,- Per session
  • 1,5 Hour
  • 49,- Per session
  • 2 Hour
  • 59,- Per session
  • Subscription*
  • 199,- Per month
All sessions will be charged by invoice. Price includes 21% vat.
*Subscription plan: minimum of 4 sessions and a maximum of 7 (hourly sessions) a month.

No contracts
You don’t sign a contract when visiting your doctor don’t you?

No commissions, just flat rate
No payables / commissions afterwards. A fair price.

No participation in deals
We won’t take any kind of share in a deal that got real due to our advising.

Great network
We use our network to help you.

No fuss
Low threshold.

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Ramon Benneker
Founder & Artist Manager

Hi, my name is Ramon. I am doing artist management and music industry related activities on a daily basis. Last years, I have been working with great companies and beautiful people. It would be my pleasure to help you with any kind of challenge you are facing. I have a broad knowledge of music and its landscape, and I would love to share it with you.

Education: Music Business and Artist Management @ Berklee College of Music.
More consultants to be announced.
Frederik Christ
Lead vocals @ Art of Bridges Music
Ramon is a very nice person to work with. He is goal-oriented, honest and very involved with the product. Ramon is a strong communicator, because he is down to earth and is not afraid to tell the truth. I am happy that this collaboration was born.
Lead vocals @ Art of Bridges Music

Frederik Christ

Frequently Asked Questions

What language is spoken during the meetings?
The language we speak is English and/or Dutch.

Do I/We need specific software in order to attend the meetings?
No. Meetings will be held on Skype. You do not have to install Skype, we send you an URL/link to attend the web-based Skype session (no registration needed). If you have installed Skype, it will likely open in the program itself.

Is it a problem if I/We want to meet from another timezone?
No. It depends on your location. We host meetings from Amsterdam time (Normally: CET = GMT+1, but sometimes DST = GMT+2). Check yours at

My question is not answered, what action should I take?
No worries, please send us your inquiry at

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